Alessia Cara's Know it All tour

After photographing R5's concert I got a uber and drove across the bridge to photograph Alessia sold out Know it all Tour show at  Emos in Austin texas on February 6,2016. I made it to the show 10 minuties before she went on stage. I have always been of Alessia from when I first heard "Here" and saw her at ACL, so I was pretty excited to be photographing her on her headlining tour. Alessia had the fans right where she wanted them..her show was just amazing she truly contected with them. What I love about most about Alessia's performance that it's just Her and her band and her songs and a crowd eager to sing their favorite songs with her. There is no fancy stage work,costumes, or screen graphics that you would usually see at concerts. I love shows like this because it makes the fans apart of the show and it's more intimite. I especially loved the spech that she gave right before performing "Scars to your beautiful".. She spoke about how we are all beautiful and it doesn't matter what's on the outside but what is on the inside. Alessia Cara is going deffenatly going to be the next big thing! I see a bright future headed for her! I can't wait to one day work with or even meet her!