R5's Sometime Last Night Tour

Parade of Lights took the stage first and performed some of my favorite songs like "feeling electric" and "Golden"  (if you haven't checked them out yet you need to)  Photographing Parade of lights was a challenge because of the lighting, different colors, and trying to not be in the fans way.I knew that with the different colors and not a lot of White light I knew that the editing process would be a challenge but  I made it work as you can see in this before and after photo 


Up next was dj Ryland...though most of his set was difficult to shoot I got a few good ones, But I mostly watched his set from backstage.  His set was very enjoyable from backstage because I was able to get a different perspective and get to see the fans having a great time and I got goosebumps  when I heard the fans singing along to Adele!  I live for moments like that! 

After Ryland's set I went backstage and meet with R5: Riker, Rocky, Rydel and Ross Lynch, and Ellington Ratliff for a quick Portrait session for the next issue of Beyond the stage magazine. This shoot was my first time I ever shot/worked with artist and first shoot for BTS, so I was extremely nervous about it. (My anxiety at a real high)  But once we got things underway and got some good shots i was more comfetrbale with the shoot.I only had 15 minutes with R5 but we made it work  in those 15 munites.  (A huge Thank you to Mark Lynch for helping me out and thank you to r5 for allowing me to take time out their busy night to get photos of them for the next issue.)

After the photoshoot it was time for R5 to take the stage.When I find out that they would be allowing fans in front of the stage I only had a short period of time to change my perspective on how I wanted to shoot the show. This was my first time shooting at this venue as well so it was a bit overwhelming at the time but that's what I love about concert photography. For me, the challenges of concert photography are part of the thrill. With limited access, time & lighting, it's all about problem-solving when faced with difficult  circumstances in a short amount of time, also it's the not knowing what to expect that really excites me.I was able to get the shots I need and not get in the way of fans and be respectful to them. (I apologize to Rydel and Ellington for not being able to capture many pictures of you.I tried my hardest to get photo but with the circumstances of having fans in front of the stage and being shorter than most of them it was quite difficult to get to a viewpoint to shoot from.)


After the 3 songs rule was over I went to watch the rest of the show was some friends  from high school.We had a great time catching up and dancing to R5!  Loved R5 set especially when they covered The killers. All through the show, the band showed nothing but positive and fun energy and interacted with fans whether they were in the front, in the back, or all the way on the top of the theater.I love that when artist are very interacted with fans because it creates memories that will last forever for them because I love to look around and watch the fans I love seeing the smiles on fans as young as 6 to maybe 30+ (yes even the parents were having fun). Even thought I was a little sad to leave halfway through the concert(especially because I wouldn't be able to hear my favorite song) it was time to photograph the 2 show of the night!